White Death

The world is cold mama, the bodies are young but the viciousness is old
I been running in the wild, but I keep falling over the same rock
It’s a day on the beach, without the sun screen block
It’s trying to scrape a dollar a day, yet they keep their yachts docked
Finance the wars and invest in the same companies stocks
Raping the earth, selling shoes, pants and socks, in Bangladesh
And reaping the profits by selling multiples higher never less
A sale but the prices are still of interest, an internet of insects waiting to dissect your privacy and find your race and sect
It’s the same drama, the same hurting and withdrawal, the same pain mama
It’s a different day, a day without sunny rays, eclipses and dry bays
I wanna live my life to the fullest and bring your name honor
I don’t wanna die in vain, don’t wanna wait in it either, I wanna die bleeding from the veins
With my shirt covered in blood stains, wrongfully slain
Nothing is ever gonna be the same, cars no longer stick to their lanes
It’s a kill or be killed world, and the thing is I don’t take my pills, because they make me ill
I’ve been chained to the hospital bed, drugged with morphine and I won’t remain still
It’s the same road, I’ve been here before, a road I’ve taken many times and still get lost
I just need a week or so, just open the door and get out of my mind, take a pause
Because it feels like my mind has chained me to these thought bars
And we find reasons to smile in spite of life being hard
We try to change the world, but we rarely can, I suppose those who do, change the way they are
I don’t think people mean to hurt those closest to them, just as a gunman who walks to rob a bank, is still armed, but means no harm, but if the police start the swarm, he starts feeling nervous, shaky, and nerves are warm, then he might start shooting arms
People you love that make you feel worthless are not worth it
Trust me, there’s a better friend, a better love, even in yourself though you aren’t perfect
Just escape the battle zone, keep your feet on the ground, and start working
Digging through your past alphabetically arranged files, your hobbies should be honed, your sins atoned, forgive yourself and relax no matter where you call home
It’s a competitive stage and everyone wants to be on the front page, so like wild dogs, they leave nothing but your bones
You gotta let stress go, and pain fly, buzzing like a fly trying to get by, but you ought to pick on someone your own size, not a black on black drive by
Don’t rage or explode, don’t react or implode, just respond
Don’t do as I have done, searching through the wishes, looking for soap in washed dishes, hoping for a bond
Dance the night away, sway with the winds, move to the rhythm of the song, and if you notice it’s a different tune, just move on.
Salaries are 1980, and prices are 2020, those relaxing stealing pensions are living hefty
A girl who is smart is no longer considered sexy
People who don’t cheat and lie, they barely survive and die
People who rob and kill, have lines of coke lined up, and prescription pills, can come up with alibis
You try escaping your mind every time you close my eyes, I para glide from the skies
This world is a made up of illusions and disasters, that make up the unreal paradigms
Things that ought to be worth millions are barely worth dimes
Everybody is just trying to make this hell living on earth a paradise
Parasites still bite nimbly through the material shirts, the kind that numbs your soul
Your heart is paralyzed, all that remains is the brain, the ego, looking for fortune and fame
Your own worst enemy to be realized, the wrong direction to be self actualized
To find a way out of this road, is the plan, same destination, different route
Something like a white death, a last breathe well spent, well read, well done
Without bullets or guns, just the life sucked out of fun, the loan sharks taken for a small piece of land, the refurbished equipment and van, working from the 5 am
Only banks don’t loan to small businesses, their friends with benefits
It’s the problem with the populous, you can only make money if you’re popular
What if living your whole life, just as the norm, is not just boredom, the resources hoarded
They make life harder, and tighten security forces and borders
You get to serve life without committing a murder or being a burglar
Just a cow trying to make some cash without being a burger, but I’m afraid you’re tagged slaughterhouse and that’s all that is allowed
Anyone with a bigger office assumes ultimate power, tell me why or how?
When will everyone have enough exploitation and just say no?
Even though I have reached the depths of hell, the bottom of the well, a place where pride and innocence go to die
A place plagued with panthers, running through black forests panting, you’re searching for a soul, I’m not sure if the past can be recanted
A place only shame and guilt, are born and built, a place of lowlifes, a life of no highlights
And with dirt it’s filled, forgive me father I have sinned, forgive myself, I must first within
I rest my laurels but quarrel with demons hidden, this ghost of mine is out of the closet, on the curb it’s been ridden
And love always to those two beautiful angels, my two beautiful women, they took their needles, and from my cloth started sewing into linen
Love from start and beginning till the end, and if I ever will be winning
That’s the kind of water, the kindhearted, that I ought to be swimming


A Lion in the Circus

Many people think themselves greater than the law because they wrote it
Rotten in the soul, roaches roasting in the sun, evil they brought it
Rotate the cuffs, rotator cuff, money and power they sought it
I was alone and I asked God why it is? and who it is? He said He spoke it
He created the herb and then said don’t smoke it?
Like a man tackling a beehive and complains about the poking
A man who loves the rain, he holds an umbrella instead of soaking
A man who loves life, but find him in the bottom of the ocean, roped in choking
Why are so many people posing? Posting without any clothing, in the closet, their minds wide open but their hearts are closing
Held hostage by the thousands, selfies browsing, but people don’t have homes and houses
Still missiles are homing, telecommunications roaming, banks gambling and loaning
Covered by the governments running the world tapping phones and condoling
Protons have been prone to snipers on the prairie, debt and financial assets are imaginary like a Disney fairy
The world is lactating from the processed dairy, while corporations facilitating the old and the babies, into death, and death to those who are wary
If you think about it, that nightly curfew start to get scary
People always say you think crazy or better yet insanely, it’s just a different opinion
We are all waiting and praying for a man, for this man to save me, and us safely, out of harm’s way and into safety
People butt in your life, like a bud that should have died twice, but even though their opinions are imposing, nobody fits the bill and nobody tries this shoe for size
People are plastic and plain, never taking higher planes, and ready to smile for posters
People are personalities and philosophy, dressed up nice but are impostors, impossible for them to foster any kind of love
In politics, it all plays on the silencing of other powers
Lions growl, and people beg and crawl for their lives, and when they get the chance they prowl
You will never find a wealthy man with a full pocket, a man who would not be proud
For the debt of their minds, they all fall in line, they sell jewelry, dignity and anything in a body they can pawn
Even junk found in the lawn, they’d even sell a soul they already sold, or if they still do own
They’ll do it all for that piece of the fake dream, a piece of paper, a silver spoon to a kid that is newborn
I reckon it all boils down to black and white, wrong and right, it all boils to a 1000 degrees, you’re either with love and peace, the bees and the trees, otherwise you’re sliced with all my enemies
Flocks of birds, blocks of glocks, held in man made locks
It’s such a shame that we are chained to these brains
We’re programmed to be the same while we’re unique
And it’s those minds that damage our hearts causing the pain
I’m afraid that nobody is worth all of this, but lions are in the circus, most wolves just can’t be tamed

Abandonment Issues

I sure got to say it really hurts to be alone, even with the universe being your home
Stranded and abandoned by the ones you love, you barely are your own
Left without a dog to the bones, I’ve given up so much trying to be a man
One who tries, who fights, goes for it and gets shit done, not should but will am and can
Not canned, fresh but all I do is fall like a single dead hair strand
Like a failed idea, a weak resolve and a strong desire, that was my brand
I asked the universe for help and for what I wanted, I’m afraid the doors were slammed
I’m not quite sure I understand, the rules of the world, there’s no demand to the supply
It’s as if humans don’t need plants, like the laws of physics and biology don’t apply
I’ve seen bad texters, poor communicators and people who aren’t ready, I’ve seen them all reply, they do, they just do to other people, other loved ones
Everybody is trying to be someone, and nobody is being something
It’s probably why I sing along in a chorus of my own, that could be ten fold, but I’m told the love I have is either too pale or too strong
I’m not sure to this Earth, or to this day and age, or to this place, I’m not sure this is where I belong
That’s why I was held and strung like a spider’s web flung across the room, myself and beetle chasing dung
And most some look for financial sums, never care for the shining sun, or the slaves pain in songs they sung, ones they yelled or hummed, the ones that make your soul go numb
I’m not sure what this life holds, but I sure am tired of the lessons of old
The days that come shining, after the rain has poured, and the freezing cold
Still living poor, I’m sure tired of being told what to do and what not to
I’m sure tired of being hung by a hemp rope, hunted by a pack, with my closest friends starting the attack
I’m sure tired of leaning on glass walls, ones that don’t hang tall, or dark hope, that does not exist at all
Things that collapse the moment I’ve leaned, vultures work together ripping off flesh as a team
The wall reeks of dirty scent, those that betrayed with benevolence
I’m afraid I don’t feel too well, never did, and I don’t appreciate being left like an abandoned kid, kidnapped in a room without a baby crib
I cannot be an orphan as well as a righteous king, I’m not real estate with speculation to make an official bid
Here are my chords, they play their horrifying string, and here are the bees and wasps, biting their venomous stings
I find myself tripping over, tumbling down, falling in love just before regretting
Never thought I’d be in the same boat again, the empty boat, riddled with thoughts, yet again I am not ready
Even though I have my emotional ship sailing steady
I’m lost at sea when it comes to which path to take and my priorities
And neither is she mine, though I badly want her to be
It would be unfair to have her carry a burden that she cannot see
I love my salty tears, but in my position many men wouldn’t be able to sleep
Or clear a conscious sailing through rough waters the best captains couldn’t steer
My soul nor heart made of steel and my heart has to yet to steal
Still a young black seal, who has his future signed and sealed
Either to be a killer whales’ meal, or to find himself in the aqua park circus, a platter of veal
Either way he has lost his fights and battles, and probably the will to breathe and feel
So now he lashes out, clashes with doubt, and dashes with clouds
All in all, he’s been loud in his silence, madly mild with the violence
Just a deer caught in the headlights who could not fight it
Please won’t you pray for me, on the prairie, I lived my life greatly, I believed in fairy tales even though those closest to me always seemed to fail me, found my hopes and dreams flailing
And with my greatest nemesis, I found those I entrusted had been happily sailing
Left in ailment, like a card in debt, missed all the payments, I’m just striving to make it, while I’m wailing
Even if you don’t believe in a higher being or existence, and never lived rightly
Who knows what lays beyond an earth of pain and pleasure?
Though He has never been sighted, I sure hope this test is a blight, to set in motion better times, lower falls but higher heights
Open your wing span of two meters, for flapping feathers to take flight
Even if you have a weakened sight or are short sighted, everything is a cycle
We must stand firm, must stand united and perhaps our wrongs will be righted
The horrific history of heinous pain is condensing like hate, and just maybe, a new story begins to rewrite the fate
A brighter day, you’re all invited for as long as you want, even if you have no intention to stay
Come along, let me show you the way.


Joined Tinder to find love that is tender, as tender as the steak on the plates, but girls and guys just wanna play
Nobody wants to be romantic on dates, just want things to be fake, won’t you offer me your body and see how much I’m willing to pay
Or let me show you a better way, a road empty of monster molesters and offenders, a way beautifully paved
Won’t anyone tend to my hurting heart, won’t love overcome the hurdles of hate
Lost our connection to the internet, and the email of love sent returned to sender
Society’s safety nets of unemployed employees and the high level of debt
The discrimination of a nation of men, now a breed of weaker sex, one that boasts money as the order of respect
Nothing is done face to face, nowadays everything is sent by text
And even though physically attracted, I’m not sure whether to say yes
Love had me panicking maniacally, brain with thoughts putting my heart under stress
They attacked my oxygen tank, and I was left without breathing
They thought my dignity could not take the countless beatings
My heart though torn like shredded documents, still not considered broken
Just breaking like the cow’s feelings, I’m the end product of beef in the kitchen
The nerves flow accordingly, the flow of blood is greater, clogged arteries need stitching
Hence the bodily fluids gooey, and body sewage aren’t releasing gases and stinking
What is the point of equality? If both short and tall men are at the same place sitting
What is the point of friendship? If friends await your falling and laugh at your slipping?
What is the point of school? If all they do is indoctrinate you, leaving you a fool, it’s better to be skipping
Skipping ropes in the streets, but never ripping clothes in clubs and stripping
To your morals and values, out of societies sickening strap, you ought to be sticking
Strictly speaking, one to two glasses of wine, that’s all you ought to be sipping
The way to defeat the behemoth is to unite with love, that will have it beaten
Achieve the highest feat of settling your feet in a world of hope, in the midst of chaos, remain a beacon
Though times are rough and rugged, problems swept under the rug, and many are caught sleeping
When asked about hearts that are no longer beating, machines that stopped beeping, many shrugged
Because mankind is bugged with tap wires, bugs buzzing and everyone has but to himself, no love
In the festivities, I have my head buried in sand, while everyone is blatantly baking
Working to become a better man slowly, while others stayed lowly and possess a woman’s support and backing
I’m beginning to think I was put on this world to suffer
Sooner rather than later, I find that the loading of love buffers
I see a beam of light, shining bright, but life tumbles into tougher
The timeline of a cow, on the production line, a fine line from death to life, lives of humans don’t greatly differ
It’s a long lasting pain, that the less fortunate are incurred, everyone is a slave to the dollar, the ultimate master
Consumption rests on our shoulders, tonnes and tonnes of milk and butter
The Crème de la crème, is nothing but chickens and hens, driving a Benz, acting like emotionless men and women,
The root of our problems rarely probed, the cons and pros of the stems
Lay down. Naked. Camera. Shows. Model. Pro. Look. Away. Below.
Cuddle the pillow. Acting. Like. Male. Whores. Hovering. Circling.
Like. Predatory. Crows. Jim. Bleeding. Skins.
Silky. Slippery. Sins. Hail. Rain. Lava. Drowning
So is that supposed to make your life better, don’t you think the Media player has you for a sucker?
Tucked into bed, because after slaving at work, you’re nothing but tuckered
To the walls of mediocrity, like a squatted fly on the posters of life, forever stuck
Your dreams died away dreadfully, and now every word that is shot from the lips stutters, the shotgun tries to calm your nerves, while you shake and shudder
And you devastate your household with utter rage, while your wife holds it together, bruised but still calling for supper

Final Nail in the Coffin

This is the final nail in the coffin, and none of us, are laughing, us being everyone else
Staffing with Satan, we only get the sacking, we’re never slacking, it’s a 9 to 5 sapping
They never wanted Marley or Hendrix, or for that matter Biggie or Pac rapping
Rattling the cages informants on their books and pages, money fattening like gelatin not static
Suicide rates sky rocket in South Korea and India check the statistics
They attack your race, your religion, your face, your clothes, your mind, your pores, you’re sore, with work like chores
Like prostitutes at the end of their short lived career, the hard-working penniless whore
Never feel whole, the cancer stored and sold in stores all over the world, sold with different names
We all feel like dirt, there’s just mansions and everyone else is poor
We light up spliffs, we inhale toxins to forget we’re boxed in, we drink Coors light and Amstel, we still feel stiff locked in cages, like rats and hamsters, life running faster, and we’re tagged female and male bastards
Christopher never ours mapping, many cases the cops closing while putting the crack in
Fact is they don’t like us, we’re all lacking, they closed the (brackets)
We can sell you weed, shrooms or angel dust in packets
If you check me, I’m always ganja and gun packing
Without any central banks or private corps backing
My back is chipped in the spine with tracking
And my mind is the last thing left for hacking
This is no world cup, there is nothing for people to look up to
All we feel is more torn, war torn, and more porn, crazy baldheads have us scorned
For my brothers and sisters on the deathbed in the yard, their life was hard, Moses sea is yet to part
It’s my investment so I’ll tear down heritage sites and build parking lots or mansions with a park
We’re looking for the light in the midst of chaos and dark
My body remains still like a bark tree, as only my mind does the travel
My body is chained to the dollar like my currency, just get the shovel
I’ll dig my own grave, ain’t nothing worth all this grovel
It’s got nothing to do with luck, all of our lives suck, we’re all in a train crammed trying to make a buck
Those in tall buildings, those we never hear or see, they’d never let us be
We’re dying on the streets dropping like honey dripping from the bees
Give me back the olives and figs, take back your oil rigs, give me back my date and palm trees

As Pen meets the Paper

I call on politicians to stop looting and then for absolution
So one day we can find a solution on this earth to live without pollution
Corruption and collusion, cops and armies private parties hunting and shooting
Bullet proof lies, corrupted prostitution, we need removal of constitution
Amendments to the ten crack commandments, like Chomsky said, we’re “underpeople”
And they left them all dead, even though things look somber, we’re only getting stronger, fighting against world’s hunger
The government lies, the government spies, then the government denies
I think the government must die
Then it’s private corps, putting poor people out of work
The rich man in suits, getting all the salaries no cutbacks, and get all the perks
We never tried the government for killing Marcus, Malcolm and Martin
Or investigations that lead them to be a part of, like Christopher or Tupac, we’ll never get them back
They are all in the dirt, but you cannot deny one’s birth
You cannot stop emotions from frying in the stir
You cannot hide the fire from a flaming of a tornadoes whirl
Not even with your plastic replacements for our national pearl
There is a fire burning, burning a hole in people who are whole, a hurl, I’m sure it will include mostly women or girls
The real power of this world
The black panthers and jaguars
Aleida March, from the Sierra Maestra, smoking Cuban cigars
Rosa Parks, and Shirley Chisholm, women are on par
And beyond that, the creators of life, they are life and the dust of stars
It’s hard to find alien life on Mars, with such capacity of love from the heart
Forming a space force, deported from the airports, body organs spare parts, charges farce, weather project haarp
No such things as fair wars, only the bodies are scarred while the stocks reach beyond stars
Chilling in five star hotels, favelas wiped by tsunamis for their resorts
And the unemployment rates is going out of sorts, out of this world
It feels like they try to shackle our mind, and confine them in crimes, there are no leader of these times
Everybody has a little blood on the gold and diamonds from the Congo mines
Tackle our unity, with rats and snitches from the community
Settled into solitary confinement, but there’s no soul searching or finding
Only letters and words that are legally binding
We’ll never know about planetary alignment
It’s deals from under the table, in between the lines, bribes and signings
As pen meets the paper, water meets the vapor
Writer meets the book, crooked meets the crook
Tornado meets the torn down houses, those it turned and shook
Life meets its creator, the courtroom meets the debator
Then we’ll know if life has different beautiful acres


F      eardom, the fear of being free, you never truly are without any money
The world made up of fobia, like your smartphone Nokia
Bought from the flea market, you run away but the advertisement always finds its target
No matter how far you flee, it does and does not matter how you feel
You’re a consumer and you can choose where to walk your feet
You’re not an army nor a man sent by God to defeat all evil men, their bases and fleet
You are nothing but ego that can be broken down like LEGO, if only you let go and stop the feed
You might be too colorful labelled a freak, but trust me your soul game is on fleek
Why is freedom something you don’t have and seek?
Feels like the mother load is on our shoulders with brave boulders, and the motherland has sold us for less than a grand
Like the price of air by the gram, can you sell it, package it and distribute, pure oxygen O2, you ought to, so to society you can contribute
You can choose to stay put or face your foes, you can always run away from those
And whatever life throws, it’s just events that flow, without any just cause
It just is, not cruelty nor novelty, not rich nor poverty, not free flow, nor poetry, just a break
A pause.
Do your write or paint for compliments and applause?
Or do you simply express yourself, work on you and then fix your flaws?
Fu** this. Fu** that. Fu** you and me.
Feels like our economy could the fracking, diabetes could use those fattening, finding compliments flattering
Where are you family? Because the societal criminals have judged me a felony, my opinions flattening
The world can spin, can be spherical or flat, everything I say is hysterical, you could be round and fat
You could die young, you could die fast, and most people’s love never lasts
You could love mangoes or figs, you could rot away, you could be educational or binge away Netflix,
You could go hard and big, just bit by bit, for the complete circuit
They we used to swim in the ocean before we devolved our fins
You could care about eternal or material wealth, the big or small things
Some are monkey climbing trees, some are birds spreading wings
Some are committing and others are judging sins
You could hold the water in a dam, or water could flood the gates down,
You could be donating your hair for cancer patients, you could be donating blood in the hospital downtown,
You could be the king to your crown, you could be a fringe player in the game called life
You could love hearing the birds sing in the morning
You could store your values for longer expiration in the fridge
You could be a pillaholic, a drugee and we’re all equivalent, we all get the same steroid syringe right up the cheeks for allergies
We all fall in love, fall out of, jump on the wagon, and release energy
We all making figures in companies, all in the bid to make sure of our complex figure
But it’s your Gun, your Bullets, and your hand on the Trigger
You could burn away with the world or check the image pixels to be bigger
You know what, Go. Figure.
Let’s go change our diets, otherwise we’re dying, in the pan frying sunflower oil with GMO, that’s how He kills us, his MO
I’m on roaccutane, I have them with my multivitamins, the pharmaceutical industry reaping the profits
They offer same symptoms with added benefits, if you refuse to abuse, then here come the sedatives
A negative experience without any return, but it’s a choice whether you wanna watch the world toast, or join in and get burned

R      emember living the life of a king because I am one, living my life with no regrets bar none
The smile is on my heart till it moves on, like a continuous gaming session won
I am deemed a point of interest as soon as I am born
Everything I did growing up is viewed upon as retrospective
That includes love, honesty, friendships and respect
People have fallen in line like a domino effect, hit an all time low in decaying dreams, reflected in the culture, loss of musicians and now the world’s worst movies are being directed
The same goes for women, who now chase after a man’s erected rectum
And then only falls in love with a physical body, and shows no emotional reaction
The death of my life a secret, because it was promised to be fruitful, just a tragedy, a Romeo rhapsody,
Murdered and body thrown in the river, even though I am water, I still drowned and blood splattered
As if the lives of the youth ever mattered, but hey caring is a choice, a lot choose not to care about Black Lives Matter
Some are drenched in molecules and black holes for that matter, dark matter
Religion though compulsory cannot be enforced through homes, until chips are implanted that read your DNA code, somewhere in the bones
They’ll be no evidence of rebellion, just one in three billion
Peaceful as a rose, from the dead we rise, I cannot lie, I’m stressed and yearning to be yours
Everything is a choice, so is man and woman switching roles, frequency raised, sun burning gamma rays, money exchange rates
Love that is unconditional is rare, consensual but still charged for rape
Trying to scrape some scrap and rake, but life gives and takes
I could be tucked in at eleven, or partying to the early morning rave
I could hide behind my umbrella or dance freely under the mesmerizing rain
I could chase my demons away, or linger like an ice cube slowly melting in my cup of pain

Respect the Rasta man’s rights, rather show us the way and the light, here to e      liminate what’s not good for me, we’re talking false prophets, false friends or enemies
I don’t care to lower my energy, to have in my life any life draining vampire entities
I’m not a personality or an identity, I am the world in its entirety
The end of time, time is an illusion, the world is too, space, religion and money
Our cultures have been attacked and our names they tried to erase
That’s why it’s not bombs but protests that disturb the peace, because I can’t get my piece, or peace,
Please could someone stand and say “yes I understand”, and I can relate, that would have me jumping for joy and elated
Because society, the family, friends and the government have us all berated
Used like apparatus, like clicking calculators, but we have no periods or cycles
Everything is choice, I could eat red meat, or chicken’s feet, or a stew that is ital
Something to replenish the fuel tank and vitamins that are vital
Or I could fall of a chromosomal spiral, even gain infections bacterial or viral
Eventually it’s a red and blue siren, they’ll come pick my body up, dead or alive, my stone will write, I always had thoughts that were suicidal
I’ll tell what it’s like if I ever make it, eleven steps, seven days, nine stages, either real or faking, today you can choose to be a pagan


I am

This life is like a sandwich shared and everyone is trying to get a bite in
Like the monsters aren’t under the bed, they’re in the next room, have the little girl frightened
Like a tight skinny jeans and everyone is trying to shed weight to fit in
Even small kittens, growl and roar turn into lions, in fear of being brittle
So better make sure that you stand your feet sharp
Otherwise the sharks with the strongest jaws have sharp teeth
I believe physical attraction is not real, it’s only an element
That doesn’t take into consideration how you feel, or interests, passions or sentiment
Things could be a phase because eventually looks fade
And things stop lasting for weeks and days, decades and a century
You won’t be holding hands beyond coffins and cemeteries
Then whether you wake up or not, first thing on your mind is who turned off the lights
The memories flash in front of your eyes, the glorious days suddenly feel hyped
You lived your life material, died at thirty nine, thrifty payed the ultimate price
Played with pensions and building pipes, played with wives, and payed with your life
Prayed to no God, the universe turned off the star nights, the last supper, the last pie
What if Judas never existed? then Jesus would have never sent his lessons
In order to teach loyalty, one must first travel through friendship and treachery, value added or lessened
Just as abortion pills need the fetus, media needs people for information to feed us, and cops need informants so they can beat us
Detective leads, word on the street is, he was shot, and left to die internally bleeding
What if you’re living life to the minimum driving cars, smoking cigars, pub crawls and bars, but there’s a life you’re missing
You’re married with kids, but you’re still screwing around and messing with another missus
You eat your food, but never chew, whole, but not wheat, like a kid making a mess
If there’s no existence of violence, there’s no need for a message
And there won’t be any need of a prophet to tell you what’s next
Ask for penance, down in the subway alongside dropped pennies, ask for hell’s gates safe passage
I have sinned, but I cannot let it define me, and so I ask for repentance
Ask the judge for the minimal sentence, I haven’t cheated my soul nor this world, I’ve been in sustenance
Like a sister nun, my mind and heart are worthy and made of actual substance
An old soul, out of this world, somewhere in a far away galaxy, nothing like this new mold, cannot change my stance
A free spirit, emotionally fit, ready to dance at anytime under the light of the sky
Still sweet and nice, though a dying breed, I realize, still old fashioned love a little romance
Still love the pull of the sea, still love star gazing and the glow of the glaring sand
Don’t hate love, and don’t you love hate, that’s the best selling brand
They sell drugs, stimulants, and they sell cars and wars, and the cheapest of them all, man
Don’t let them fool ya, into what you can’t do or can
Just face the brick wall, raise your fist to the sky, stand tall and say I am.

Made in a Lab

I have seen images of a wife in the kitchen, what’s cooking, and a man in a desk, power guy
I might have a physical type, a girl in my mental and spiritual life
A spiritual guide, someone to see in the midst of midnight
A cooler vibe, part of my tribe, flowing like the rose petal over the river downstream
I’d love a connection over old school music, rebellious school of thought, taught never inside schools, everything is mainstream
Me and life have never been racing for the top position, we’re always gonna be in the slipstream
My heart was shot down, the criminal known, but it’s never gonna be a bloody crime scene
The crimes I’ve committed, and crimes I’ve seen, it’s all been omitted, never tried or acquitted
This life is one big joke, everybody is so busy working behind screens, forget that life is no meme
I might have a physical type, but it’s mostly fighting against the media’s imagery
They create models through Adobe, and real women get cropped, get crap, it’s all purgery
It’s made in a laboratory, working on her physique through surgery
But it’s all bland and oblique, they’re man made freaks, I find them guilty in front of a jury
Even though the species is attractive and alluring
My emotions will never be running or moving, I find them unattractive when they speak
I want a real woman with real traits, nothing fake, just curves that are real or nonexistent, if they’re straight
I want a mind that is exquisite, one I can debate
A soul that is compatible, a soul mate, nothing is a demand or a prerequisite
It is simply an idea to contemplate, just as I’d like her heart to be gold plated, just a place for me to sit
I’d love her no matter the skin color, her hair can be curly or straight blonde, her waist can be thick or slim fit
She can be taller than me, this marriage won’t be possessive or ownership
A relationship that is in turmoil at sea, a drowning ship hit the iceberg tip
So women, I will always be the most appreciative of your hardships
I don’t care about numbers or ratings, love is non related
If I am selfish or selfless, regardless love will reside in me elated
Drugged with needles that’s needless leaving you sedated
All because the picture of the figure, brings in the figures, and the date
What you want is not what you get, you attract what you are
If you’re a czar, you’ll get no less than a superstar
If you value possessions and cars, you’ll get a frame to hang on the wall
The male species is a failing company in need of a bailout
A love that is lost between us, somewhere in desire and lust, needs to be found out

Me Against the World

Here I lay again, trying to muster any positive emotions
Squeezing out the mustard from the seed, but the rockets are not cluster
Nothing’s flowing, so I’m trying to shut off my brain, negativity has held me down, just give me some cake
And some more food that’s hard to break down in the stomach, but easy to break emotional states
Just a poor nutritional diet, I’m slowly dying, I just want chemical residue and food that’s fake
That’s why love has been the player, I’ve been the game it is playing
Shaping me into what I am today, like a pot of clay
Fact is, love is like a job that you work 24 hours a day, and you’re underpaid
Only desires and dreams that you crave, but can never bring life to a mate
I used to think I’d die alone, now I know, I have nothing but the earth around me, no ears to hear my moan
I’ve been a wanderer my entire life, never staying in one place for too long
Anytime I’ve felt unwanted, granted it’s often, I’ve always moved on
Even though I’ve always dreamt of having kids and a settlement
I’ve just been looking for the betterment of my situation
And always looking for better men in myself
Hence, there will be no settling, not on my end
I will regroup, focus my mind, rid it of worries, to my heart I will tend
To my soul, my dear friend, to the death and beyond I will defend
To my self, I’ll my find my piece of heaven on this hell
I’ll find my way past the evil of mankind, to cast away the magicians spell
I have no one left in my life to be angry at, no one but myself I’m brawling
As far too many times, I have made the same mistakes, and for the same traps I’ve fallen
And crippled to the knees, paralyzed praying please, a baby still crawling
My enemies, my loved ones, scavengers and hounds, at my core they keep gnawing
They judge your outfit, and the ride you came in, the story behind they’ll never end up knowing
They’ll never look within themselves, they’ll never end up growing
I’m seeing this world pitch black, nothing yellow or peachy
I’m trying to be polite, but this world of police is plagued with parasites
Paraphrase this paragraph, sell it for the profit, the cash and the math
You might have Power on your side, we’ve got the numbers and the size, especially economical wise, and consumer power, C cup bra size
Tracking out words through satellites, this is an oil and rich gas excursion, and this is the drilling site
It’s also a graveyard of bones, layover of bricks, it’s also a dead sight
With many who dare to speak, their tongues cut, those who dare to see are out of sight
No hand remain, they’re all cut and sliced, no more sleight of hand, this was a piece of paradise
The lies and hypocrisy have been reprogrammed to become the paradigm
Have you on your knees paralyzed, with millions in pockets, others searching for dimes
Financial crises only cause poorer people a tough time
And you try to escape this world but you reach the clouds no more as you paraglide
I’m not sure how the ride is gonna go, but I guess I’ll see you on the other side